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Member Criteria

CHBA is not just for builders, but serves the whole home building industry. About one-third of CHBA’s  members are home builders and/or renovators, while the remaining two-thirds work in closely related fields such as mortgage financing and building products. Our members include:




General Contractors




Mortgage Brokers

Financial Institutions

Insurance Brokers/Agents


Educational Institutions

Real Estate Brokers/Agents

Media Outlets

Housing-related Agencies

Each type of member has specific criteria related to their involvement in the home building industry.
Criteria Specifically for New Home Builders, Renovators and Developers:
  • MUST be members in good standing with an approved New Home Warranty Program.
  • MUST provide declaration that all new homes eligible for warranty coverage will be enrolled in a new home warranty program.
  • MUST provide Municipal Business License Number.
  • MUST provide WCB Account Number and Industry Code Number.
  • MUST provide a GST/BN Account Number.

Criteria Specifically for Renovator, Trades, Trade/Supplier, and General Contractors/Professional Services that frequent the home building site:

  • MUST provide Municipal Business License Number.
  • MUST provide WCB Account Number and Industry Code Number.
  • MUST provide a GST/BN Account Number.
  • MUST be registered in the Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR), and Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) workplace health and safety program.

All Other Member Categories:

  • MUST provide Municipal Business License Number.
  • MUST provide a GST/BN Account Number.
Joining CHBA is easy.  Learn more about the benefits of membership today.

Approval Process

The Canadian Home Builders' Association's standardized membership application process includes:
  1. Application received by the local HBA are checked for completeness.
  2. Notice of application is circulated to all local HBA members for comment with ten (10) days.
  3. Verification that all mandatory membership requirements and criteria are satisfied.
  4. Reference checks conducted.
  5. Review of application and supporting information by local HBA Membership Committee.
  6. Once information is collected and assess, the Membership Committee will make a recommendation to accept or reject the applicant to the local HBA Board, which can either accept or rejecet the recommendation.

In either case, the applicant is notified of the Board's decision typically one moth following public announcement.

Mandatory Membership Requirements
  1. Signed acceptance of The Canadian Home Builders' Association's Code of Ethics.
  2. Signed release under applicable Privacy Legislation.

Please note: Applications that are received without the required fees are not processed.  All fees are held until all approvals are in place


If you are involved in the residential, new home construction or renovation industry in Central Alberta, we invite you to join CHBA.
Membership in the Canadian Home Builders Association is an investment in the success of your company.

Builders, Trades, and Associates

To become a CHBA member, you must join the local home builders' association (HBA) serving your area.  When you join CHBA-Central Alberta, you automatically become a member of all three levels of the CHBA: local, provincial, and national.  That's three memberships for the price of one!

Major National Suppliers

Leading building suppliers and service providers participate in all CHBA activities, affect housing issues, and gain direct access to CHBA members.
Founded in 1956, CHBA-Central Alberta consists of 160 distinguished builders, trades, suppliers, builder service providers, as well as municipalities and post-secondary institutions.
Membership in CHBA-Central Alberta is open to all organizations involved in the residential, new home construction or renovation industry.
If you are interested in joining the CHBA-Central Alberta, we will send you a CHBA-Central Alberta Membership Information Package, which includes comprehensive details about the benefits of CHBA membership, as well as an official CHBA application.

Request a Membership Kit online, or request the Kit by phone at 403-346-5321 or toll-free 1-888-346-5329