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Member Benefits

CHBA members get the very best information, communication, education, and networking opportunities.

Here's what you'll get the moment you become a member:

1. A confidential comprehensive directory of industry insiders and tools to reach them.

The who, what, where and how of the CA home building industry with information that is absolutely up-to-date and produced yearly including the key person, address, phone, fax and web site address where available. PLUS receive new member updates every month.

Tap into member advertising tools to get your message into the members' hands. Options include: pre-addressed mailing labels, direct mail,  high exposure advertising in the associations' events and program. Major events offer tabletop displays and sponsorship opportunities.

2. Membership networking and information that keeps you current.

Our forums deal directly with the major issues facing your industry, giving you the opportunity to meet regularly with peers and have a real say in your industry's direction. Find out what is REALLY happening in the industry, what is REALLY going on behind the headlines.

Free monthly information forums plus workshops, social events, conventions and certificate level training programs on a wide variety of subjects are held through-out the year at significant discounts to members.

3. Unmatched opportunities for professional development and growth.

Keeping on top of issues is easier - via a email/fax, we're devoted to keeping members informed as to what is happening on the industry front - what's coming down the pipe, what we're doing about it and what members can do to help us help them.
Members are in the loop with our "Members-only" web site, email and fax communications. Get economic updates, monthly building permit figures plus up-to-the-minute email/fax bulletins onlegislation, taxes, bargaining / strike status and other issues that require your immediate attention.

4.  Exposure to the latest Building Products, Services, or Code Changes

The CHBA-Central Alberta keeps its members abreast of the latest technical issues that affect the industry and there is a multitude of educational material available through all three levels of the Association.  Conference's that address specific areas of issue are also put on each year.  Master Builder certification and other training programs are available through our partners.

5. Professional high powered lobbying at all levels of government

CHBA-Central Alberta effectively lobbies government consistently to secure positive policy changes on issues impacting the residential construction industry. We've recently successfully achieved the following:

    • Achieved increased communications with Workplace Health and Safety, and Workers' Compensation Board;
    • Actively participated in Skilled Labour Shortage strategies with Alberta Economic Development throughout the CA region;
    • Launched Alberta Builder Connect to bring skilled trades people into the CA region. Working towards resolving undocumented workers situation;
    • Proposed and achieved implementation of major changes to the building permit process in terms of quicker approval times;
    • We've initiated countless other positive changes to legislation and policy affecting the residential construction industry.
    • The CHBA-Central Alberta is your proactive advocate to Government about issues that affect your business and your bottom line every day.

6.  Enhanced credibility both with the industry and with your customers CHBA-Central Alberta's high standards and credibility are powerful marketing tools for you.

Our advertising and publicity campaigns, combined with consumer information brochures and free " Consumer Tips " section on our website means customers can make their decision to buy a new home or select a member renovator with confidence. Our members proudly display the “Proud Member" logo and distribute our informative brochures. The benchmark is raised for participants in the “Built Green" program.

Thousands of your customers call our office and visit our websites...

    • www.chbacentralalberta.ca
    • www.reddeerhomeshow.com

...to gather information, obtain referrals or verify membership. These consumers derive great comfort that CHBA-Central Alberta members have a professional outlook and subscribe to our Code of Ethics.

Receive industry and consumer recognition at our annual Awards of Distinction in Housing, and Partner Awards.

7.  Substantial savings on your cost of doing business

Member-to-Member preferred savings

Some CHBA-Central Alberta member companies have created special programs or offer discounts exclusively to other CHBA-Central Alberta member companies. In some cases, these incentives are available to employees of member companies. (Program establishment is strictly voluntary.)

With our combined buying power we have already negotiated discounts for web-based recruiting:

    • Alberta Builder Connect
If your business relates to the residential new home construction or renovation industry in central Alberta, you will find that CHBA-Central Alberta membership has its advantages.